The virtual “Disorienting & Reorienting Davidson College” tour outlines the history of specific locations on campus as they relate to colonialism, slavery, and white supremacy. The tour is broken into three parts according to geographical proximity of the sites, and is hosted on the PocketSights App, which is free and easy to download on any smartphone or tablet (Apple or Android). The tour may be taken by moving from site to site on campus, or remotely from any location where the user has access to wifi or data. All pathways on this tour are wheelchair and mobility-aid accessible. To take the tour, please follow the instructions below:

  • Ensure you are connected to wifi or cellular data. If you are at Davidson College, you can join the Davidson Guest Network (open) or the Davidson Secure Network (accessible with school credentials)
  • Visit the corresponding application store for your device (App Store for Apple, Google Play Store for Android)
  • Type “PocketSights” into the search bar
  • Select and download the app that is titled “PocketSights” and has this icon:
  • If you would like to activate the text to speech option (the app will read the information out loud) or voice navigation, click on Settings in the top left hand corner of the app and select “Text to Speech” and/or “Voice Navigation.” You can also use the Settings menu to select whether the tour will display on a Satellite or Standard map.
  • If you are in Davidson, the tours should appear automatically upon opening the app; if you are not, type “Davidson, NC” into the search bar located in the top right hand corner. Part 1, 2, and 3 of the tour will appear. It is recommended that you take the tours in order, as they occasionally reference information already covered, but they may be taken in any order.
  • Once you have selected the tour you wish to take, click the “Start Tour” button. You may select Virtual Tour Mode or Standard Tour Mode depending on your preference; if you are not in Davidson, Virtual Mode is preferred.
  • At the end of each tour, you can choose to join a mailing list to receive updates and information about the project, or share the tour on social media with the accompanying #DisorientingDavidson.