Acknowledgments and Collaborations

Project Advisor
– Dr. Melissa M. González

Primary Contributors
– Tian Yi (Davidson College ‘18)
– Jessica Cottle (Davidson College Archives and Special Collections)

Collaborators (Past and Present)
– Sharon Byrd and DebbieLee Landi (Davidson College Archives and Special Collections)
– Dr. Rebecca Ruhlen (Davidson College) 
– Kaneisha Gaston (Town of Davidson)
– Dr. Garry Bertholf (Davidson College)
– Dr. Laurian Bowles (Davidson College)
– Jonathan Sheperd-Smith (Davidson College ‘18)
– Dr. Rose Stremlau (Davidson College)
– Dr. Caroline Fache (Davidson College)

Resource, Production, and Technology Support
– Davidson Arts and Creative Engagement Funds (Davidson College)
– DRI committee, including Donella Mayes and Dr. Nicole Snyder
– Alison Thurman, Josh Hager, and Lauren Murphree (North Carolina State Archives) 
– Allen Ward of Pocketsights
– Daniel Lynds, Thomas Espenschied, and Adelle Patten (Davidson College Technology & Innovation)

Davidson College Projects and Classes Cited
– Dr. Dennie’s AFR 329 course (Spring 2019)
– “Black Bodies on Davidson’s Campus” Timeline by Jonathan Sheperd-Smith (Davidson College ‘18)
– “Queer, Black, Intersectional Davidson” Archive by Lily Burdick (Davidson College ‘19)
– Dr. Stremlau’s HIS 306 course (Spring 2017)

Current and Future Collaborations
– Davidson College Teach-Ins Organization (Spring 2018-2019)
– Dr. Fache’s “Black Davidson” project (Summer 2019)
– STRIDE (Summer 2019)
– Lia Newman and VAC Galleries (Fall 2019)