The virtual “Disorienting & Reorienting Davidson College” tour outlines the history of specific locations on campus as they relate to colonialism, slavery, and white supremacy. The tour is broken into three parts according to geographical proximity of the sites, and is hosted on the PocketSights App, which is free and easy to download on any […]

Visual and Thematic Narrative

This narrative provides an overview of Davidson College’s history that highlights patterns of colonialism, slavery, and white supremacy and demonstrates their institutionalization at the college. The information is organized thematically with the help of visual aids, and is chronological within each section. Dates are provided whenever possible. The narrative can be viewed on any computer, tablet, […]

Project Citations

In order to conserve space on digital platforms, the full Works Cited pages are provided here on the website. Open or download the corresponding PDF to view the works cited for each section of the project. Works Referenced: Goals and Scope (hosted on WordPress) Works Cited: Methodology (hosted on WordPress) Works Cited: Visual and Thematic […]

Acknowledgments and Collaborations

Project Advisor – Dr. Melissa M. González Primary Contributors – Tian Yi (Davidson College ‘18) – Jessica Cottle (Davidson College Archives and Special Collections) Collaborators (Past and Present) – Sharon Byrd and DebbieLee Landi (Davidson College Archives and Special Collections) – Dr. Rebecca Ruhlen (Davidson College)  – Kaneisha Gaston (Town of Davidson) – Dr. Garry […]


The research for this project has included numerous visits to the Davidson College Archives & Special Collections and The North Carolina State Archives, the review of various digital and print sources, meetings with college students, faculty, and staff, photographing of sites on campus and in town, consultations with tech support, attendance at DRI events, and […]

Goals and Scope

This project’s scope covers the current land occupied by Davidson College as well as the larger town, and relevant people, places, and events that influenced its creation and establishment from 1700 to today. The goal is to identify and trace legacies of colonialism and White supremacy integral to the foundation of the college and investigate […]

Introduction to the Project

The “Davidson Disorientation” was an alternative campus tour created and hosted by Tian Yi (‘18) and Sarah HD Mellin, as part of the student organization Davidson Teach-Ins, in Spring of 2018. The tour highlighted the history of White supremacy and anti-Blackness on campus by linking locations at the college to specific racist histories and legacies. This […]

Disorienting & Reorienting: Recovering and Analyzing Legacies of Colonialism and White Supremacy at Davidson College

To begin exploring this project, please visit the links below: Introduction to the Project Goals and Scope Methodology Acknowledgments and Collaborations Visual and Thematic Narrative (hosted on Adobe Spark) Tour (hosted on PocketSights App) Project Citations